Marketing Your Screenplay

Having a few films made will also help your screenwriting career. They dont have to be long films. Just something that visually represents your stories and writing. You will find that producers and investors will be more eager to provide you with funding for future projects if they have seen a film of yours that they like. This could even be a showreel that just contains various scenes from your scripts. The more films you have to show, the better your chances of getting someone to fund your next film project.

It will also give you credits in the industry and establish you as a produced writer with a successful screenwriting career. Eventually, you will get to a point where producers will want you to write your own screenplays for them. You just have to establish yourself by writing their ideas first.

Dont just take every writing opportunity you can find because you will never have the time to finish them all. Instead, you need to first focus on establishing industry contacts. In other words, you need to build a network of contacts from the film industry. You can find these contacts at writing festivals or film festivals held near you. Just do a Google search to find out the locations and times of these festivals.

What you want to eventually do is gather enough funding to finance the production of your own feature film. After you get the feature film made, screen it at all the international film festivals that you can find. This will open up new doors in your screenwriting career because new producers will want to hire you to write or rewrite screenplays for them.

Are you seeking a screenwriting career? A challenge you may face with your screenwriting career is keeping up with the current story trends. If you take too long to write a script that accommodates one particular trend, it may be too late by the time you finish it. That is why producers give very strict deadlines to the screenwriters they hire. So if you are a new screenwriter, then you need to develop a strategy for your career.