Pick One Among These Best Places to Travel to in December

Pick One Among These Best Places to Travel to in December

Winter brings with it the need to stay in the quilt, warm and comfortable. You don’t feel like stepping out of the house because of the severe cold. You want to sit curled up on your bed, watching television or reading a book by the fire. Pots of coffee and hot chocolate are your saviors, but you dread getting out of the blanket to go to the kitchen and prepare them. And you imagine how wonderful it would be to be in a sunny and warm area at such a time. Where the sun shines softly on your face and brings back the color to your blanched cheeks. Where your hair is not frizzy and unkempt like the winter cold makes it. And most of all, where you can totally relax your mind and body, and have a glorious time without worrying about a single thing. What you need is vacation. Either a vacation alone or a family vacation! And there are quite a few places that you can go to, to escape the frigid cold of your town. Given below are some of the best places that you can travel to in December, so you can take your pick from these wonderful travel destinations and have a great vacation.

Best December Vacation Destinations

When it comes to December vacations, there are quite a few spots to choose from. But you need to take many points into consideration before you decide to pick a December vacation spot. The duration of the vacation, the expenses that will be incurred before, during and after the vacation, the mode of transport, etc. Keeping these points in mind, we have compiled for you a list of some of the best places to travel to in December. Most of these places are good for a fun family vacation. So check out these vacation ideas, and pick the one that everyone agrees on.

Take your family to Florida and have a warm Christmas. This state has a separate identity as a tourist state, and rightly so. With places like Disney World to visit, what else can you say? There are also a bunch of other theme parks, the famed Universal Studios, and other places like aquariums etc., to visit here. So, all in all, a great idea for a winter vacation this year!

Arizona is pleasantly warm in December, the temperature being somewhere around 50ºF. The most beautiful thing to do in this warm state is obviously visit the Grand Canyon. You can hike across the Grand Canyon National Park or take a mule tour of the canyon. However you go, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the spectacular view! Don’t forget to carry your cameras for this trip!

If you visit Australia, you’ll have one of the best family vacations ever. It is summer in Australia in December, so you can enjoy the warmth on the beaches. Visit the Great Barrier Reef, the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Yorke Peninsula, and various other glorious places. Visit the important cities like Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne etc. and enjoy their night life!

Another great place to visit in December, is Goa, India. This tiny state is one of the tourist hot-spots, for Indian and foreign tourists. It is one of the good cheap December vacation spots too. Glistening beaches, friendly locals, a thrilling night life, and some delectable sea food cuisine are some of the things awaiting you in Goa, if you do plan a vacation there.

If you’re looking for some of the cheapest places to travel, then Rajasthan, in India is definitely on the list. This desert state in India has a charming history and is still the home to Maharajas. Go on tours visiting the various palaces in Jaipur and Udaipur. Have candle lit dinners in the middle of the desert, and enjoy the beautiful handicrafts in the local markets.

Phuket, Thailand
Another great place to visit for a December holiday is Phuket in Thailand. Go beach hopping, visit the local market, bathe in the Phuket waterfalls, see the Big Buddha statue, and enjoy the various festivities in the town of Phuket. There are also quite a few adventure activities for kids and adults alike. So, it’s really a complete vacation package for the entire family!

If none of these places appeal to you, you can always take a luxurious Europe vacation, and have a wonderful time! It will be chilly, but sometimes that could be something that you will end up enjoying more than a warm vacation!

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