Vacation Hot Spots Around the World

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Vacation ideas may vary from person to person but one thing is sure that enjoying the vacation with family and friends is the best way to get rid of the stress and strain created by day-to-day hectic life. Some prefer to visit the most popular vacation spots in the world while others like to explore the untouched beauty of the mountains and serene forests. Here follows information on top 10 hot vacation destinations around the world.
Best Vacation Spots Around the World
Kenya: Kenya is known for wildlife safari but if you are interested in mountaineering, you can visit the neighboring country Tanzania and enjoy the stunning beauty of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Amboseli, Masai Mara National Parks cover hundreds of kilometers and watching African elephants, leopards and cheetahs in the natural habitat can be a memorable experience.
Paris: Paris is one of the famous vacation spots around the world. Famous places in Paris include the gigantic, 324 meter tall Eiffel tower, magnificent Louvre palace museum which displays the famous portrait ‘Monalisa’, Notre Dame, the world famous cathedral and Arc de Triomphe, built in the memory of French soldiers. Paris is known for fashion shows, shopping, nightclubs, beautiful bridges on the river Seine and perfumes.
Amsterdam: Amsterdam is known as the festival city of Europe. Cool weather, beautifully structured canals, lush green lawns along the canals, enchanting tulip gardens, world famous museums, cheese factories, wooden shoe factories, antique ceramic vases and cutlery factories, make Amsterdam one of the best international vacation destinations. A cruise on the river Amstel is one of the major tourist attractions. Other attractions include Amstel beer, house of Anne Frank, etc. You can easily travel to Brussels, Luxembourg, Germany or France from Amsterdam.
India: India is known for its warm climate and warm hospitality. You can enjoy forest trails in the magnificent Himalayas or in southern Nilgiris, sunny beaches in Kerala or Goa, luxurious stays in palaces in Rajasthan and shopping in Mumbai or Delhi. There are good restaurants and eating joints, where you can enjoy delicious Indian food. Taj Mahal, the symbol of love, Vivekananda monument in Kanyakumari, are some of the important places of attraction. India is a good cultural vacation spot, with a number of adventure options too.
United States of America: Not only children but adults also dream of Florida vacations as they wish to visit the Disney Land, Kennedy Space Center, Miami, Panama City beach, etc. Florida is known for water sport activities, night life, national parks, amusement parks and sunny beaches. Night life in Las Vegas, Top of the Rock from New York City, exotic beaches of California, the lake state Michigan, are some of the topĀ vacation spots in the United States.
South East Asia: You can plan a tour of south-east Asia to explore the beauty of small countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia. Totally different culture, mouth-watering Chinese food, splendid temples and mosques, excellent beaches, dense forests, modern constructions like Pentagon towers, national parks, amusement parks….the list is never-ending. These countries have something for everyone. Shopping in the night markets is also an all-together different experience.
Brazil: Brazil is one of the unique vacation spots in the world. It is a large country which has beautiful beaches, lush green mountains and sprawling valleys. The amazing Amazon forest is one of the greatest tourist attractions. The mighty Iguassu Falls is worth visiting. Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo Salvador, Brasilia, Recife and Manaus are some of the most popular Brazil vacation spots.
Australia: Australia and New Zealand, the neighboring countries, are popular amongst tourists from all over the world. Kangaroos and Ostrich, the Gold Coast, Great Barrier Reef are the main attractions in Australia. Australian Aborigines arouse the curiosity of the tourists. The wine-growing Barossa Region of South Australia is known for its rose and lavender gardens. Traditional alpaca and mohair farms, untouched scenic beauty, exclusive Architecture, popular cuisines and the lively local life, are some other attractions for tourists.
Norway: Norway, the land of midnight Sun is also one of theĀ top 10 vacation spots in the world. I have no words to describe the beauty of fjords in Norway. One should not miss the outstanding display of northern lights in nature’s own theater. Norway is also a good skiing destination. Bergen is the beautiful city surrounded by mountains. It is known for fish market, churches, and museums.
Italy: If you are interested in arts, sculpture and culture, then Italy is the best place to visit. Vatican City is one of the main Italy tourist attractions. The gigantic Colosseum, mind-blowing architecture, beautiful fountains, museums and churches make Rome a lively city for the tourists. You can also enjoy the exclusive scenic beauty of Naples, Florence and Venice, the city of canals. The amazing leaning tower of Pisa occupies top place in the list of wonders of the world. Cathedrals, Baptisteries, Chapels are examples of amazing architecture.
As mentioned, the choice of hot vacation spots around the world may vary from person to person. Newlywed couples, senior citizens, those who want to travel alone or with family would prefer different destinations. You may consult your friends before selecting the hottest vacation spot around the world. Plan your vacations well in advance. Our beautiful green planet is full of wonders. So, enjoy all that life has to offer, leaving behind the stress and worry of everyday life.

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